Take It Easy Music Decalogue #03 • Disco Rarities

Aggiornamento: 8 feb

Our 10 playlist series continues with the new installment on Disco.

A controversial genre, loved and hated. Born in the late ’60 and fully developed in the 70’s until the infamous Disco Demolition Night. Disco defined the sound of a decade and strongly influenced what came after. Artists like Donna Summer, Loleatta Halloway and Sylvester were the standard bearers of the wave and their songs were played in the then new club environment alongside a new figure destined to reshape the music industry: the DJ. Personalities like David Mancuso and Nicky Siano revolutionized everything with their parties respectively at The Loft and The Gallery and labels like Salsoul Records helped spreading the popularity of the music. Disco Music was, and still is, perfect to be played in clubs with his strong rhythmics sections and hypnotizing melodies and his legacy has been passed out over the years in nearly every electronic music genre that came after.

Obviously Disco is a big part of the sound that characterized our parties. Cornerstones of the genre like Dave Lee (FKA Joey Negro) came to play at Take It Easy and you can hear a lot of Disco influences in our resident’s set.