Take It Easy Music Decalogue #04 • Breakbeat Necessaries

Introducing a new installment of our playlist series with the essentials of Breakbeat.

Breakbeat is kinda a hard genre to define, basically because it incorporates so much stuff inside its range. From Drum & Bass to Garage, Breakbeat’s influences are everywhere. We’ll try to focus on basically anything that has a non-canonical 4/4 beats rhythm (which may be the exact definition of what Breakbeat is) and that cannot be classified as any other more specific genre. In fact, this genre relies heavily on sampling, since it utilizes drum loops known as breaks, like the super-famous Amen Break (which then became a pivotal part of DNB). Breaks started as a staple in DJing with the very first Hip-Hop pioneers, like Kool Here and Grandmaster Flash, then it became a part of the electronic world first in the 80’s and then especially in the 90’s, when its popularity raised up a lot.

To be completely honest, we don’t play as much breakbeat as we would like at our parties, apart from some very carefully selected modern days hits like Bicep’s Opal, mostly because it’s a kinda difficult shift for the crowd. That’s why this playlist is so important to us, as it can be the gateway through which discover and appreciate more this sound.