Take It Easy Music Decalogue #05 • Balearic Vibes

We’ve come halfway through the journey into the sounds that defined our identity the most. Now it’s the turn of the fifth chapter of the decalogue: Balearic.

“A mish mash of styles (soul, hip-hop, reggae) all molded over a rock solid beat met the “anything goes as long as danceable” criteria – and more importantly, it allowed to rediscover a BPM below 122”. These are the best words to describe the Balearic sound, taken from a Mixmag’s editorial dated 1990. It has a vast range of declinations, that go from a slower and more chilled mood to a faster house-like rhythm. The lowest common denominator is its typical sound, with its recognizable drum patterns and the use of instruments like guitar and piano. The Balearic sound rose in the 80’s and then flew to the UK, where it exploded expanding also to the rest of the European clubbing audience.

We’ve compiled a playlist with a selection of the softer side of the genre, filled with hidden gems and rhythms that’ll make you fly to those magical island.