Take It Easy Music Decalogue #08 • Acid House Classics

New week means new playlist from our personal Music Decalogue. This time we’ll be covering a very dear genre to us, one that we’ll be sure you love too: Acid House.

As the name implies, Acid is a subgenera of House music, developed in the mid-80’s by DJs from Chicago. The first Acid House track ever produced is from an absolute pioneer of the genre, DJ Pierre, who was part of Phuture, the group under which “Acid Tracks” was released. Most likely, the adjective “acid” comes from the name of the track, and the name of the track itself derives from the way people called it even before it was officially released, when it was played by Ron Hardy (they referred to it as “Ron Hardy’s Acid Track”). From Chicago, that gave birth to this style, Acid flew to the UK, where it became something really big. Local DJs started playing acid in key venues of the country (from London to Manchester), leading to the so called “Second Summer of Love”, a movement credited with a reduction of football hooliganism in favor of dancing under the use of ecstasy. This particular drug, alongside LSD, has really strict ties with Acid music, and defined even in the aesthetics of the genre itself, mainly relating to the iconic smiley symbol.

The main characteristic of Acid House is the use of the Roland TB-303 Bass Line synthesizer (for friends known as just “303”), that gives it is signature sound, making Acid a close relative to other styles like techno, trance and breakbeat. Must-known figures of the genre are the aforementioned DJ Pierre alongside Sleezy D, Fast Eddie, Tyree Cooper and the british Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker and Danny Rampling. And of course an honorable mention must go to Larry Sherman’s Trax Records, that gave birth to most of Acid classics.