Take It Easy Music Decalogue #10 • NY House Sound

We started from Chicago and we’re ending with New York. Our journey trough the sound that made us what we are is coming to an end. Let’s celebrate the last chapter of the Take It Easy Music Decalogue with the sound of the New York House.

If Chicago originated a genre then New York developed it in its own, unmistakable, way. A wave of producers started shaping an original sound in the 90’s, creating a distinct NY type of house music. People like Kerri Chandler, Todd Terry, Masters at Work, Mood II Swing heavily influenced the party scene of the city, first with their selections and afterwards with their productions. Whenever you hear one of those records, you’ll immediately recognize the source: groovy basslines mix blendlessly with sexy and smooth vocals to create that unique sound. If this style is now coded, we have to thank also record labels like Salsoul, Sleeping Bag, Strictly Rhythm andnNervous Records, who helped spreading the new sound.

In our parties the influence of NY House Is very visible, as it’s a pivotal point both for our musical education and record selection. We are proud and grateful to have hosted legends like Kerri Chandler, Nicky Siano and Tony Humphries.

Listen to the NY House Sound playlist on Spotify.