Take It Easy Music Decalogue #01 • Chicago Anthems

Aggiornamento: 8 feb

Music Decalogue is our musical identity splitted in 10 different playlist, each one covering a meaningful genre for the evolution of our parties. A journey in 10 chapters selected by our residents, starting with the classic of the classics: Chicago House.

You can’t really talk about House Music without mentioning where it all began: Chicago. As you can’t really define the Chicago sound as a proper subgenre, as it is more like the cradle from which then everything turned on. After what is known as the infamous “Disco Demolition Night”, a new wave of DJs started experimenting with new sounds into what then became known as the House Music. Some of these pioneers like Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Ron Hardy and Mr. Fingers played in historical venues like The Warehouse or The Power Plant, contributing into shaping the House cultural movement.

There’s no need to tell that the Chicago sound has always been pivotal to us. You’ll have heard tracks like Jack’n Tall by Lidell Townsell in Dirty Channels’ sets since the very first Take It Easy’s parties. Also, the Chicago legacy still have a solid resonance in today’s release, as you can hear by the repressing of some OG productions, like Body Fidelity that has been reprinted on Palms Trax’s label CWPT in 2021.