Take It Easy Music Decalogue #06 • Indie Dance Hits

New weekly episode of our playlist series, this time covering a really beloved genre to us: Indie Dance.

Indie Dance has its roots in the rock (therefore the indie prefix) and it’s also labeled as “alternative”. Groups like New Order are the pioneers of this music, with the heritage of past projects more rock-focused matched with the evolution toward more electronic sounds. The result is a mix between the melodic side of rock with electronic beats and synths. The majority of the artists born from this wave are mainly from the UK, where the tradition developed in different ways with acts labeled as alternative like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. It goes without saying that with such a variety it’s kinda chaotic trying to define the whole thing in a specific manner. The only constant is the melodic influence and the use guitars rhythms from the indie rock tradition.

Since it is so difficult to express with words what this genre is about, there’s only one thing that we can invite you to do in order to understand it: listen to our playlist on Spotify and enjoy.