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Due to closure of clubs time was lost creating an impactful generational change. We think it’s useful for those who are entering the world of clubbing for the first time to speak explicitly about some topics that are usually considered taboo. We're talking about the use of drugs, which – it’s not a secret – has always been closely linked to club culture. It must be made clear that we do not intend to encourage the use of these substances, but the fact that they are consumed regularly is a concrete thing. Therefore our goal is to increase people's awareness in order to minimize the risks. That said, we operate a zero tolerance policy to drugs. Anyone found asking for and offering them will be banned. 


  • Don’t mix different drugs at the same time.

  • Some drugs take time: don’t increase the dosage if you don’t feel the effects right away.

  • Always listen to your body.

  • Only use if you feel well physically and mentally.

  • Stay with your friends and take care of each other.


  • What is it: Everybody know what alcohol is, but only because it’s socially acceptable not everybody understands that it is a real drug just like any other.

  • How can be used: It is injested pure or mixed with other beverages.

  • What it does: Alcohol is a depressant drug used mostly for recreational purposes and among its effects there are a general feeling of dizziness, walking and speaking difficulties, slowed reflexes as well as a general sense of happiness and euphoria, decreased anxiety and increased sociability. Using it in big quantities can cause nausea, vomiting and hangover-like symptoms the day after. For a better option, drink water and sweet beverages, but avoid caffeine e.g. Coca-Cola or coffee.

  • How not to take it: A general rule is applicabile to any drug: do not use it in big quantities. Do not mix different alcohol during the night, alternate the use of alcohol with the consumption of water, avoid mixing alcohol with other narcotics. Another very important thing to keep in mind talking about alcohol is that is a unique drug because often it damages more than than the user, so do not underestimate it and don’t drink and drive and remember the alcool limit in your country (in Italy it is 0.5, about a pint of beer).


  • What is it: A stimulant drug obtained from the leaves of Coca plants. It is usually found in powder. While everyone tends to despise its use in public, it's one of the most socially accepted drugs because it is usually associated as a drug for the wealthy, and that is very problematic because cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs for effects and addiction.

  • How can be used: Usually it is taken via insufflation, but it can also be injected or inhaled. Crack, instead, is a free base form of cocaine that can be smoked.

  • What it does: Cocaine use leads to increases in alertness, feelings of well-being and euphoria, increased energy and motor activity. The downside of the increased energy and feeling of power is that it can lead to aggressive behaviors. The effects lasts for 30-45 min circa. 

  • How not to take it: There isn’t a safe dosage, but you can get about 20 lines out of 1 gram. Absolutely avoid doing cocaine alongside alcohol or any other depressant drugs, because the euphoric effects inhibit the dizziness feeling, causing the user to do not recognize well his physical state and often exaggerate with the dosage. Another thing to watch out for is avoiding overdosing, because cocaine tends to decrease fast his tolerance rate. Always have your cocaine tested, as you don’t know with any other substances it is mixed. Only use if you feel well physically and mentally and don’t use it to suppress depression or tiredness. Clean your nose afterwards and use your own snorter, as sharing it may lead to some infections. Don’t use it if you suffer from a weak heart, weak blood vessels or high blood pressure.


  • What is it: A dissociative drug coming both in powdered form and liquid. It is a synthetic anesthetic mainly used in veterinary medicine.

  • How can be used: Via insufflation in powdered form and injection via liquid form.

  • What it does: It dissociate your mind from your body. Insufflated it takes 5 to 10 mins to start working and the effect lasts for 45 to 60 mins.

  • How not to take it: Always test it before to know the dosage. A beginner’s dosage is between 20 and 50mg. If you take too much (more than 100mg) you may end up in a K-hole, meaning that your mind and body get completely separated, your mind remains normal but you have no control over your body and can’t move. Since you won’t feel your body properly, ketamine can be dangerous because you can injure yourself without realizing it. For this reason, and because you may lose consciousness, never use it when you’re alone. Beware that it is highly addictive.


– What is it: Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant and it is often considered as one of the light drugs.

– How can be used: Cannabis is largely used by smoking, but can be as well used within food or as an extract.

– What it does: Cannabis is often used as a relaxation tool, as its effects include altered state of mind and sense of time, concentration difficulties, impaired body movements and increase in appetite. Used it high dosages it can cause impaired short or even long-term memory, anxiety, hallucinations, panic and paranoia.

– How not to take it: Avoid prolonged use as it can cause addiction and generally take it only if you are in a good mental and physical state. Avoid use it alongside other drugs. If you don’t know how strong the weed is, take only one toke and wait for 5 minutes before the next one. Only use for your enjoyment, not for suppress stress or other problems. If something goes wrong, drink something sweet or vitamin C to reduce the effects. Use in moderation and definitely non everyday.


  • What is it: Ecstasy is one of the most popular party drugs. It comes in pill form, which main active ingredient is MDMA. It also comes in powder and crystals.

  • How can be used: It can be swallowed in pill form or diluted in water in crystals form.

  • What it does: It increase your serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline, causing the so-called “love effect”. With ecstasy you’ll feel open, loving and connected to others. You’ll also experience music more intensely. Body temperature and heartbeat increase. Muscles tighten, which causes teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Food may smell and taste different than usual. Pupils widen and eyes move rapidly, making the sight blurrier. It becomes hard to focus. Depending on the dosage, individual physiology and the type of pill, you may hallucinate. The effects take 30 to 60 mins to kick in.

  • How not to take it: Always get your pills tested; if you can’t, there are useful websites such as to check what type of pill are you taking and their characteristics. Do not take more than 1–1.5mg per kilo of your body weight. Because the effects take time to appear, be patient and wait before taking another dose if you don’t feel the effects straight away. You’ll need to drink water, but you may end up drinking too much without realizing it; this can cause water intoxication, so remember to drink just a glass of water per hour. After taking ecstasy a lot of serotonin gets released, but eventually it gets depleted in a couple of days, causing the so-called “Tuesday dip”, when you can feel empty or even depressed; you can compensate for this side effect taking vitamins (e.g. eating fruits).


  • What is it: LSD is an hallucinogenic drug whose active substance is lysergic acid diethylamide. It often comes in the form of a little piece of paper in which liquid LSD has been dripped onto, but it can also be assumed in his liquid form.

  • How can be used: In the paper form it is put under the tongue and being absorbed by the mucous membrane until it’s gone. In the liquid form is assumed by licking it.

  • What it does: The effect is comparable to mushrooms, but more intense. Sounds and shapes get intensified. It alters your sensory perception, things can start moving or change shape. It starts working after 20 to 60 mins. After 2 hours there is the peak that can last 3 to 6 hours and then there’s the coming down, that takes 3 to 5 hours.

  • How not to take it: A normal to strong trip is about 50–150mg. Always test it and start with a small dosage. If you’re using it for the first time, make sure you’re in a familiar environment with familiar people and a sober trip sitter. Even if it is intense, it is better to not try to fight the feelings but to go with the flow. You can get nauseated, so it’s better not to eat before to reduce the chance of nausea. Don’t combine it with any other drugs, especially cannabis, as it can reinforce the trip.


  • What is it: A potent opioid coming in the form of white or brown powder.

  • How can be used: It is typically injected directly into vein, but it can also be smoked, snorted or inhaled.

  • What it does: It is used as a recreational drug for the euphoria it induces.

  • How not to take it: Tolerance develops faster than any other drug and increased doses are needed in order to achieve the same effect. Addiction increase at the same pace to tolerance, that’s why this drug is particularly dangerous. What sets heroin apart from a lot of other drugs listed above is that it is not much situational, as for the effects induced you can take it at any given moment without the necessity of specific circumstances. Heroin can create detrimental and irreparable effects on your body, lifestyle and family due to its nature.



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